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Brooklyn Highlights Academy Day Care Inc. is a licensed Group Family Day Care. Established in 2007, to educate children in a nurturing environment. We are regulated by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; Bureau of Day Care.





We promote & encourage…

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity and exploration.
  • Independence & individuality

We believe in providing quality childcare in a nurturing and learning environment. We provide children with strong academic and social skills; and parents with affordable quality care.


As childcare providers we are dedicated to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Giving the love, support and nutrition that the children need, this allows children to develop a strong sense of themselves.


Our goal is to instill in each child a sense of self and the attitude that they can become anything they put their minds to. We teach them independence, by doing things for themselves.


They will also prepare for successes in preschool through our educational activities. Our educational program consist of math, alphabet, science, music, art and dramatic play.


Our children leave our program with academic and social skills  that they will be able to use in everyday life.

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